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What To Look For In a Guided Hunt

Hunting Asking an outfitter the right questions up front can keep your dream hunt on track A guided hunt is a team effort. The client helps finance the operation, and the guide or outfitter provides logistical support and an intimate knowledge of the game, the… Powered by WPeMatico

Rethink Your Turkey Vest

Hunting Ten items you’ve never thought to carry – but should Every turkey-hunting vest contains the old standards, staples, and standbys. Turkey calls. Locator calls. Decoys. Saw, snips, or both. Extra shotgun shells. A headlamp. Powered by WPeMatico

Bass Fishing: Big Baits For Bedded Bass

Gone Fishin’ Draw more strikes with oversized lures when fish are nesting Protecting the little ones — it’s a universal theme we all understand. Serious stuff, to be sure, but bass anglers can leverage a similar instinct by literally invading… Powered by WPeMatico

Want Your Dog to Hunt Better? Give Him a Real Bed

Gear The Big Barker bed is just the thing for your old or ailing gun dog Wooten says up to 80 percent of dogs suffer from the orthopedic effects of inadequate bedding. Put another way, most hunting dogs, most times, are probably not… Powered by WPeMatico

Tackle Test 2017: Best Budget Reels

Fishing The quality of these reels belies their bargain-basement price tag There’s something special about a great fishing reel. The way it casts. The way it functions. But when that reel comes in well under budget…that’s something extra… Powered by WPeMatico

Tackle Test 2017: The Best Fishing Rods

Gear The Outdoor Life Tackle Test team rolled into the Deep South loaded to the gills with a collection of 26 reels and 32 rods, ready to face the largemouths and redfish of… Powered by WPeMatico