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The 1941 Johnson Automatic Service Rifle

Guns A World War II veteran that’s been to hell and back The combat troops in World War II who carried Johnson Automatics loved the rifle. Not many of these .30/06s were built, but they were used by Marines in the Pacific on… Powered by WPeMatico

Beware Sen. Lee’s “New Homestead Act”

Open Country With each swing of the legislative axe, chips fly from our legacy of America’s public land In the 1800s, the United States wrested North America from “sea to shining sea” from indigenous tribes and other colonial powers. To settle all that ground, the U.S. Powered by WPeMatico

How to Pick the Right Duck Hunting Lease

Hunting Don’t get fooled by a tempting-looking duck lease More and more waterfowlers are opting to lease private property for hunting, and every season there are myriad options available. Some are good, while others are little… Powered by WPeMatico

How I Stay Committed To Paleo

Hunting Green Chef is a meal-kit delivery service with a Paleo plan Green Chef is a meal-kit delivery service that offers a Paleo box plan that is Gluten-Free Certified and everything is Non-GMO. Plus, they care about protecting our… Powered by WPeMatico

3 Ways You Can Manipulate the Whitetail Rut Right Now

Hunting Three strategic land tweaks for your wildest fall yet There are only a handful of good rut days each season. But if you have control over your hunting area, a few strategic preseason moves can ensure you’re in the best… Powered by WPeMatico

The Best New Compound Bows of 2018, Tested

Gear We ranked and reviewed these eight new compound hunting bows Bows are getting so good that selecting the best one is difficult. This year’s crop of flagship compounds overall is excellent. Powered by WPeMatico

The Best New Crossbows of 2018, Tested

Gear We ranked and reviewed these 11 new hunting crossbows We live in a wolrd of ever-expanding crossbow-hunting opportunities. While advances in compound bow design are fairly minor, crossbow technology is changing fast. Powered by WPeMatico