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Gun News of the Week: The Bump Stock Edition

Guns Plus: Massachusetts Makes ‘Bump Stocks’ More Illegal The strategy works like this: Submit a fatally flawed bill that won’t pass because it won’t withstand a court challenge or is just plain dopey, introduce it in a press… Powered by WPeMatico

Photos: One Final Hunt for Quebec Caribou

Hunting High hopes and fond memories give way to a stark reality in this formerly caribou-rich province Three buddies decided to participate in the province’s final caribou hunt, not only to memorialize the experience but to record details of the Ungava for hunters who may… Powered by WPeMatico

19-Year-Old Hunter Tags Giant Ohio Buck

Hunting A 3-year quest ends with a gnarly nontypical whitetail deer A teenager from Ohio tags a whitetail buck after a 3-year quest. Lohan, 19, captured images of a solid buck three years ago and while he had not yet filled his Ohio buck… Powered by WPeMatico

2 Innovative Defense Loads in .38 Special

Guns Some interesting new products for shooters looking to load their wheel guns The .38 Specil isn’t a round that grabs many headlines these days, but it’s still a workhourse that plenty of people rely on when carrying a handgun for personal… Powered by WPeMatico