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5 Tips for Better Long Range Accuracy with Your AR

Guns Getting the most from your black gun requires extra finesse behind the trigger ARs violate some of the basic precepts of rifle accuracy, and if you’re not aware of an AR’s pitfalls, you’ll end up with more Hail Mary’s than Hell Yeahs! Powered by WPeMatico

Offhand Shots: A Gun for Christmas

Guns Giving a kid a gun for Christmas is shocking to some, normal for the rest of us When we planned to give our son Jack, then 10, a shotgun for Christmas, it made headlines in the Wall Street Journal. I don’t know about where you’re from, but around… Powered by WPeMatico

Got a Swan Tag? Here’s How to Hunt These Giant Birds

Hunting Tips and tactics for waterfowling’s largest target species Everything about tundra swans and swan hunting is outsized, from the birds’ anatomy and their air speed to a hunter’s reaction when they hoist this snow-white trophy… Powered by WPeMatico

How to Catch a Bluefin Tuna for Christmas

Fishing In December, bluefins smash topwater baits, and you can even see Manhattan from where you’re fishing Twas the day before Christmas—literally. We had to break through skim ice to get out of our slip in Jamaica Bay, N.Y., but we were determined to get one more crack at… Powered by WPeMatico

3 Tactics for Hunting Wary Does This Winter

Hunting Hunt bitter cold mornings for the best—and least disruptive—shots at food-oriented does The weather is brutal, food is scarce, and the whitetails are skittish after running a multi-month guantlet of zipping arrows and whistling bullets. Here’s a plan that… Powered by WPeMatico

Ice Men: The Deer and Duck Hunters Who Live for Deadly Weather

Hunting When winter conditions are at their worst, duck and deer hunters know the action can be red-hot. These hunters don’t just endure harsh late-season conditions, but intentionally seek out the cold, the snow, the ice, and the wind. Why? Because they are confident that… Powered by WPeMatico